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SW Integration Test

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Integration testing is the type of test to eliminate problems that arise when integrating components or systems. There are 4 different types:

Big-Bang Integration Testing:

All modules developed are combined and tested. When working with each other, meaningful modules are controlled by testing.

Top-Down Integration Testing:

With this test, faults are detected when switching between modules. The test is done from the top to the bottom. The test progress gradually with stubs. Stubs are the modules that act as temporary replacement for a called module and give the same output as that of the actual product. Finally, each stage is tested in itself and the test ends.

Bottom-Up Integration Testing: 

This test method proceeds from the bottom up. The modules on the underside are passed through the Component tests and proceeded upwards. Every test is successful and progress is made. If the unit tests are complete for all modules, all tests are handled together at a higher level. Testing is started from the bottom and errors can be detected at the beginning.

Sandwich/Hybrid Integration Testing: 

 Hybrid integration test can be performed in two ways. In the other part of the top down is used the bottom up types in the other part. The purpose of being a mixed type can be tested by dividing some modules into groups, while the rest are tested separately