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SW Test

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A software test is a process for understanding and having knowledge about the quality of the service or product. The test is the process of checking whether the needs are met and whether the desired result has been achieved.
The process of testing an application in auditable conditions and evaluating the results is software testing. The purpose of the test; to make mistakes in advance.

The software must be run and tested to provide user expectations and requirements in critical work areas.
Software testing is necessary to understand irreversible errors, minimize repair costs, and profit from time.
Software testing purpose:

– Provide the requirements in the design and development process,

– Correct response to related entries,

– Operation of functions within specified time,

– Download and installation on platforms to be operated,

– To be able to achieve the general results requested by customers and companies,

– To ensure product quality before being served to the customer,

– Reducing the costs of rework (improvement) and development,

– Software testing shows users and customers information about the quality of the software and the success or failure rate,

– As long as the software runs in the project, there is a software testing process,