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NVH Test

Engineering. Energy. Mobility.


The main objective of the NVH test is the reduction, design and quality assurance of internal and external device noise.

Today the NVH is divided into two parts

NVH Test and NVH CAE. Two different sets can be different from large-scale combinations, although different from possible principles, the application application is different.

NVH Test; vehicle CAE analysis to verify the test, internal noise and vibration measurement, according to the regulation of the external noise of vehicles, insulation of vehicles, hardware and damping materials in the rooms and takes the task of verification. 


  • Modal Analysis
  • Noise and Vibration Transfer Functions
  • Deformations in operating conditions (DOC)
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
  • Total noise and vibration levels, octave analyzes, FFT
  • Order tracking
  • Wavelet analysis
  • Noise contribution and transmission path analysis (TPA)
  • Removing sound maps
  • Psycho-acoustic analysis.
  • Determination of noise permeability performance of closed structures.
  • Jury evaluations for acoustic data with Playback method.